January 30, 2023
4 mins read

Cloud Phone System Review: How RMA Contracts Set Up A Full-Featured System In Less Than 20 Minutes

January 30, 2023
4 mins read
V K Sanjeed V K Sanjeed
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RMA Contracts is a leading BPO service provider based in Singapore that uses cutting-edge technology to streamline core business practices for success.

As a one-stop integrated BPO partner, RMA specialises in helping organisations improve operational efficiency in the areas of Customer Relations, Survey and Market Research, Managed Services, HR Consultancy, Recruitment and Manpower Outsourcing, and Digitisation and Transaction Processing.

The company is also no stranger to investing in new technology such as cybersecurity, robotics and facial recognition to improve and expand on its offerings, as well as deliver a smoother customer experience. After all, establishing sustainable customer relationships has always been a priority for RMA. And if an existing system or process was found to be lacking, then rectifying it was a priority to ensure client satisfaction was maintained and operational costs contained.

The problem with internal phone communications for survey operations

RMA has a survey operations arm that works on behalf of companies that are conducting large surveys. RMA’s surveyors need to handle a large volume of outbound calls in a timely manner, ensure high completion rates of surveys, and attend to incoming calls routed from the inbound call team. This gets even more complicated when RMA works on surveys in different countries, as they need to quickly provision local numbers for every country without having to be physically present there.

For companies like RMA that are using on-premise PBX telephony solutions, achieving all the above – and doing it in a scalable fashion – is extremely challenging. It’s often difficult to fully leverage the power of VoIP technology for them because implementations can take a long time to complete, while the business needs to deploy the surveys overseas in a short time frame.

“Why not develop a VoIP solution in-house with your IT team?”, you might ask.

Simple. Most IT teams – as was the case with RMA’s – are too busy working on other projects to meet the quick turnaround time of survey projects.

Reviewing their cloud phone requirements

Let’s review the situation RMA faced.

  • They knew they needed a cloud phone system (aka a VoIP solution).
  • They were already using an on-premise PBX for their corporate telephony needs, and had tried to combine it with an IP Phone.
  • Their existing phone setup was not scalable, and receiving and transferring calls was far from smooth, which increased operational costs.
  • They needed to deploy surveys overseas within a limited time frame, without having to be physically present.

On weighing all their cloud phone requirements, RMA realised they needed a cloud service provider with the hybrid expertise to help combine their PBX with cloud. The problem was there weren’t many APAC-based providers in the space with sufficient telco connectivity and cloud tech expertise.

Enter Toku.

The incredibly easy-to-use cloud phone system

With deadlines for overseas survey deployments looming, RMA opted for Toku’s cloud phone system integration that allows businesses to make calls, hold video conferences, and chat quickly within one cloud-based platform from any place and any device.

The best part?

RMA was able to get it up and running in less than 20 minutes.

One good thing about this phone system is that it’s incredibly easy to use. In less than 20 minutes, our users can go from nothing to a fully-featured phone system.
Sharon Cheong, Assistant Director, RMA Group

The immediate results were exciting for RMA.

Survey respondents were able to receive calls from a local number and surveyors were able to make calls within minutes. What’s more, the team discovered the solution was fully scalable, as it was able to provision new virtual numbers almost instantly. This met RMA’s urgent need to provide a “local” service, without having to be present in the locality.

It’s easy to configure and install, which is important to us because ultimately our clients are end-users of the software. Being able to easily receive and transfer calls over an intuitive interface that’s easy to train users on, makes life easier for everyone.
Sharon Cheong, Assistant Director, RMA Group

Empowering collaborative working with superb cloud VoIP connection quality

RMA also notes that by consolidating telco-grade voice connectivity in ASEAN under one provider — Toku — their call quality has improved dramatically. Being able to manage complex call routing and forwarding easily by optimising call flows with interactive voice response (IVR) has also been immensely helpful.

The quality of our VoIP connection is superb, it is so clear that you will think that it's not VoIP at all. It makes conducting surveys overseas more pleasant and is a serious gamechanger.
King Lopez, Marketing & Communications Executive, RMA Group

Using cloud telephony to spearhead digital transformation

Realising the multiple positive knock-on effects of deploying a full-featured cloud phone system, RMA has plans to fully leverage the cloud for their digital transformation goals.

Because Toku is able to integrate with many other powerful cloud-based business tools such as Salesforce and Zendesk, RMA is now using this to build more collaborative working environments that work seamlessly with its CRM.

In future, the company aims to develop an omnichannel experience, one where client accounts for each platform and device can be used to interact with RMA. As the company has built its migration to the cloud on a firm foundation, RMA is now well-positioned to achieve its omnichannel goals faster, and more efficiently.

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Ready to meet your customers where they’re at?

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