Enhance engagement using voice capabilities

Enhance your customer experience by adding a scalable and programmable carrier-grade voice experience and calling capabilities to your product or platform. Unlock new ways to engage with your customers and personalise how they interact with your brand.

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Toku’s solution helped us to scale down on
our manpower requirements, which was very helpful for us.

Celine Que
Head of Service Excellence, Singapore
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Celine Que

Embed Voice anywhere on your platform or mobile applications

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Easy as API

Create a solution that works for your business with voice APIs that are easy to implement, use, and integrate with other business tools.
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APAC Reliability - Global Scalability 

Easily integrate PSTN calling into any application with low latency, faster go-to-market, and global reach - with virtual numbers in 120+ countries.
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Competitive Cost-Effectiveness

Save money with the most competitive rates in APAC. Connect directly with our carrier-grade network and only pay for what you use.
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Carrier-grade Quality Calls

Benefit from 99.5% uptime and high-quality voice call connectivity using our very own carrier-grade APAC telco network.

Harness the power of
Programmable Calling capabilities

Integrate voice calls in your platform and embed the ability to speak with your customers
the way you need to, more effortlessly.

Call Forwarding

Make sure you’re providing the best possible experience and ensure customer calls get to the right place by adding call-forwarding capabilities.

Learn more about Programmable Voice


Create the ideal customer experience and make your agents’ lives easier with customisable menus and call flows.

Discover more ways you can use IVR.

Alerts & Notifications

Add a new dynamic to your customer notifications by turning them into voice-based messages with text-to-speech.

Discover more about our Voice APIs.

Discover new ways to use Voice

Build a new customer experience
with Voice capabilities

Build an engaging and scalable voice experience on your own platform with all the features you need for the best calling experience in APAC.

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Number Masking

Protect your users, agents, sellers, drivers, and service providers with a number masking API that anonymises or adapts caller IDs for a more private user experience.

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User Verification

Validate legitimate customers, increase your conversion rates, and mitigate fraud with a simple set of APIs designed for global enterprises.

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In-App Voice Calling

Create a backup for your PSTN calls or add a new channel to your mobile or web application with a robust In-App Voice SDK.

A solution for every setup

A solution for every setup

Regardless of whether you have an on-site PBX, a solution built in the cloud, or both, our Voice APIs and SDK are designed to work with any setup.

Because of Toku’s consultative approach, our team can take the time to talk you through your desired integrations and create a voice solution that works for you.

Learn how ride-hailing giant Gojek uses Toku’s APIs to superpower their App

Gojek, the ride-hailing transport service transformed the way they handle lost and found co-operation between drivers and customers by adding calling, messaging, and number masking capabilities to their app

Want to create new voice experiences?

Want to create new voice experiences?