Get superior voice and SMS connectivity in APAC

Get connected to the most robust and reliable telco enterprise-grade network provider in APAC with direct access to high-quality PSTN replacement in 17 countries and SMS connectivity in 15.

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A robust network – Built to last

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Redundant infrastructure

With a cloud PoP network collocated in Singapore, we offer fully redundant tier-1 and tier-2 connections for reliable and redundant enterprise-grade infrastructure.
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Regional on-site support

Our network operations centre (NOC) team is on standby 24/7, with dedicated L2 engineers available round the clock to handle any unexpected issues.
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Compliance at the core

We built our network infrastructure focused on adherence to data privacy laws with data processor control methods when dealing with subscriber information.
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Security & Peace of mind

Our carrier connections come with variety of encryption methods to ensure your comms are secure no matter where your conversations are heading.

Consolidate your connectivity

Our voice services were designed to offer providers & resellers a single partner to unlock the APAC market. Do away with difficult paperwork and language barriers for quick access to high-quality voice connections in APAC.

Numbering resources

Get access to our pool of national, local and toll-free numbers, or port your own numbers across in bulk for easy access to an APAC marketplace presence.

Call capacity

No matter what kind of call volume setup you need, we have high channel leasing ability, market-based bundled capacity and channel-based voice options for various use cases.

Termination & transit

For global calling, we have full ITU country code listing capabilities, as well as fraud control options. For local calling, we have national calling plan access to fixed, mobile, and non-geographical numbers, for local CLI presentation.

Connectivity without limits

Don’t struggle with your network woes

As a provider with full ownership and control over our connectivity, we offer several supplementary services for enterprises that need that more help getting set up.

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Portability & Emergency Services in certain markets

Clip path group
Clip path group

Number masking inbound call data for marketing analytics

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Group 1000005408

Numbering block consumption commitments

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Group 1000005398

Peak/Mass calling event management


There's more to SMS than just hitting "send"

Reliable messaging and deliverability can be challenging to access, and many regional markets can be a tough nut to crack. Toku is a licensed tier-1 aggregator in Singapore, with direct connectivity to APAC mobile network operators and beyond for carrier-grade messaging.

Reliable SMS backed by rock-solid infrastructure

Long code 

Long code resources

Sender ID name registration support

Sender ID name registration support

Both-way (MO/MT) 

Both-way (MO/MT) services

API methods 

API methods supported

Local transit in APAC countries

Local transit in APAC countries

Verification & mass 
marketing expertise

Verification & mass marketing expertise

Want to expand your reach in APAC?

Want to expand your reach in APAC?