Transform feedback into strategic actions

Customer and employee relationships are dynamic and ever-changing. Our Feedback Management System allows you to collect and scrutinise feedback to refine products and strengthen customer loyalty. Additionally, our expert team ensures smooth system implementation, driving your business growth.

Feedback Management System

Streamlined Feedback Acquisition

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User-Friendly Interface

Craft personalised surveys effortlessly using our straightforward editor. Import your data an leverage real-time analytics for smooth integration.
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Automate Responses

Configure unique alerts to promptly identify and address issues enhancing customer satisfaction and strengthening loyalty.
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Effective Engagement

Distribute flexible, device-compatible surveys both offline and online for maximum engagement, guaranteeing higher responses rates and more profound insights.
Seamless Survey Design and Evaluation

Seamless Survey Design and Evaluation

Navigating survey tools can be challenging. Our user-friendly drag-and-drop inline editor allows you to easily create and deploy surveys featuring various question types, logic, branching, and personalised branding. Boost response rates with customisable templates, questions and themes, then import your data for rapid analysis.

Monitor, Resolve and Understand

Monitor, Resolve and Understand

Leverage our comprehensive feedback case management system to efficiently resolve customer issues and enhance their overall experience. Our closed-loop process ensures you track concerns, handle them promptly, and gain valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Optimal engagement_ Every time. Every touchpoint.

Maximize Engagement at Every Interaction

Are you missing key opportunities in your feedback system? This could weaken your survey results. Our platform allows you to deploy surveys offline, via web apps, mobile browsers, SMS, or even self-service kiosks. Expand your reach with multiple deployments options for richer insights.

Design and Customise Survey for your needs

Design and Customise Survey for your Needs

Whether you are seeking insights through customer satisfaction and employee engagement surveys, analysing market trends, or developing government policies, our flexible and adaptable surveys can be customised to meet your specific goals.

Verint Mobile Offline Survey

Mobile Offline Survey 

Provides an immediate, convenient and engaging way to collect customer feedback at the experience point. Perfect for field surveys at remote locations, kiosks, retail outlets, etc.

Verint Digital Feedback

Digital Feedback

Integrate feedback in your digital channels to capture
customer-initiated feedback at any point of their journey.

Expert survey and research consulting 

Expert survey and research consulting 

From setting up your survey design, managing it and reporting on the results, our team of experts with decades of CX consulting experience under their belt are here to help you every step of the way.

Ready to turn feedback into actionable intelligence?  

Ready to turn feedback into actionable intelligence?  

We’ll help you to navigate complex feedback, so that you can actively listen more efficiently and stay ahead of the competition.