Easy user verification with voice and messaging

Validate legitimate customers, increase your conversion rates, and mitigate fraud with a simple set of APIs designed for global enterprises.
Toku Verify

Build more trust with seamless user verification


Multi-channel authentication

Ensure every app or platform user is legitimate by authenticating via voice calls, messages, or with just a phone number.
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Maximise cost-efficiency

Align your cost with conversions instead of volume. Allocate your resources to validated legitimate users.

Mitigate fraud and reduce risk

Significantly reduce the rate of fraud from fake customers and false transactions by creating a simple, seamless verification process.
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Higher deliverability – Global reach

Expand your voice connectivity and messaging deliverability for verifications by utilising our tier-1 APAC network.

Discover more ways to verify with APIs

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Message Verification

Send OTPs (One-time passwords) via SMS for a
proven and well-established verification

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Voice Verification

Send OTPs via text-to-speech calling using the
best voice connectivity in APAC and local
number availability.

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Ping Verification

Create a seamless authentication experience by
verifying android users without using a code or

Want to verify your users with a simple API?
Want to verify your users with a simple API?

Want to verify your users with a simple API?