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Current Openings

Where can you make the most impact at Toku? If you’re not sure, or don’t see an available position that’s 100% up your alley, don’t worry! Just apply by dropping us a note. We’ll be in touch once we have an opportunity for you.

Network Engineer
CBD, Selangor, Malaysia
ServiceNow Solution Architect
CBD, Central Singapore, Singapore
Level 1 Technical Support – NOC Engineering
Remote job
Technical Support Specialist – Contact Centre Solutions
CBD, National Capital Region, Philippines
ServiceNow Technical Consultant and Customer Support
Remote job
Full Stack Engineer
ProductCBD, Central Singapore, Singapore
DevOps Security Engineer
CBD, Central Singapore, Singapore
SIP Voice Engineer
CBD, Central Singapore, Singapore
Data Protection & Legal Intern
LegalCBD, Central Singapore, Singapore
Senior Project Manager
Business TransformationCBD, Central Singapore, Singapore
Senior Voice Engineer
DeliveryCBD, Selangor, Malaysia
VP of Engineering
ProductCBD, Selangor, Malaysia
System Engineer Intern
InfrastructureCBD, Central Singapore, Singapore
Beatriz Ruiperez

What is one thing you love about working at Toku?

Working with such a fun and positive team from all over the world. Agile and fast-paced, the learning never stops.

Beatriz Ruiperez
Beatriz Ruiperez
Strategic Partnerships Manager

What has your experience been with our company culture?

The importance that is given to the core values at every level is very nice to see. They take feedback genuinely and try to address them where possible.

Internal IT Manager
Nishant Nandan

What is it like to work in the Product Team?

Extremely satisfying to solve the
pain-points of our customers and more!

Nishant Nandan
Nishant Nandan
Product Manager
Chok Seng

What made you decide to join Toku?

The opportunity to excel in personal growth and open-door policy practices.

Chok Seng
Chok Seng
Senior Network Engineer

More than Just a Career

We are the future of work. At Toku, we believe in work policies that are forward-looking, flexible and inclusive. That's why we offer some attractive benefits that go beyond your job – like our hybrid work policy, comprehensive training and development scheme, and Pawternity leave. Here’s a taste of the smorgasbord of Toku benefits that await you when you join us.


Healthcare coverage

Learning & 

Learning & development

Flexible work 

Flexible work environment

Yearly bonus & 
salary review

Yearly bonus & salary review


Pawternity leave


Wedding leave

Toku Culture Club

We’re serious about building a truly inclusive, productive, and welcoming culture, because we know this is what ultimately defines our company and shapes its future. The club has three core values shaping its identity to ensure that the company’s mission, vision, and values are integrated into everything that we do.

Group 1000004919
Learning and development
Diversity, equality, and inclusion
Social responsibility

Stuff We Believe In

A little more about what gets us out of bed every morning – you know, the stuff that makes us tick.

Work hard, play hard

At Toku, we believe in always going the extra mile, to achieve our goals – not because we are being asked to – because we WANT to!


We value transparency and open and direct communication while making sure that everyone has a voice. To motivate our teammates, we encourage honest feedback and give praise where due.

Radical inclusiveness

Our vision for Toku has always included building a diverse team. We see this as critical to creating a culture that attracts the best people in our industry. We strive to be the change we want to see in the workplace. And the workplace we envision is radically inclusive.


Results matter more than the number of hours we work.
At Toku, we don’t care about what time you clock in and out as long as you are making a positive impact and getting results.

Celebrating success

At Toku, we treat everyone as a peer, with kindness, love, and respect. Adding a ❤️👏👍 to a task completed or a job well-done shows gratitude and support. And let’s face it, we all could use a little more ❤️ can’t we?

We believe in:

Life at Toku

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