September 22, 2022
1 mins read

Creating Seamless Customer Experiences: What Singapore Consumers Really Expect in an Interaction

September 22, 2022
1 mins read
V K Sanjeed V K Sanjeed
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As we enter a post-pandemic environment, customers perceive more proactive service standards and personalised interactions as a given. To support this demand, organisations must evolve their communication channels. However, there is a significant gap in our understanding of what exactly Singapore consumers prefer in terms of communication methods.  

This is why Toku recently commissioned an independent consumer engagement research report surveying the Singapore market. Our survey results reveal some striking insights that will help customer support and CX (Customer Experience) leaders get a real feel for what consumers really want in an interaction.  

Ultimately, these insights on consumer engagement will be useful to any decision-maker whether they may be revisiting their CX strategy or building it from scratch.  

Download the Toku Singapore Consumer Engagement Report 2022

Learn what Singapore consumers really want in seamless customer experiences.



What you can expect in this report  

1. How fast your customer response should be

Everyone expects ‘fast customer responses’, but just how fast customers expect the response to be, is anyone’s guess.

Our study reveals this much sought-after detail, down to the minute. 

2. The most preferred communication channels for different interaction scenarios

We’ve all heard of different strokes for different folks. Similarly, when it comes to customer experience, we’ve found that different channels work best for certain user scenarios. Our study shows you which top three channels Singapore consumers prefer for various interactions – handy if you are seeking to personalise your customer journey. 

3. Consumers’ least preferred communication channel

We’ve seen many businesses eager to implement this relatively new communication technology within their customer support.

To our surprise, consumers consistently ranked this tech as their least preferred communication mode across every use case.  

We’ll dive into this in greater detail and explain why consumers dislike this communication channel, and give our own two cents on how best to implement it for maximum business impact.   

Get the full report on what consumers expect in a seamless CX

There’s much, much more to unpack and discover in the full report. 

Armed with this valuable information, you can create seamless, effortless customer experiences (CX) that build better rapport and loyalty with customers, while boosting operational efficiency.

Learn what Singapore consumers really want in a customer interaction

Get actionable insights that will help you rethink and rewrite your CX playbook – without the guesswork.