Elevate your Customer Experience with AI

Experience the future of customer and employee engagement. Empowering businesses in APAC to deliver personalised, seamless interactions and transform customer experience for the digital age with AI-powered solutions.

Scale and reimagine CX in APAC and beyond

With Toku as a trusted partner, you can enter new markets with more confidence while taking control of your CX and customer support with omnichannel communications.


Spark defining conversations that redefine business growth

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Bespoke solutions

Custom features and integrations tailored to your complex business needs.
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 Scaling for success

Achieve lightning-fast go-to-market in APAC with solutions that scale as you grow your business in new markets.
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Support 24/7

Trusted regional CX partner you can rely on for all your platform and network needs.
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Frictionless flows

All your on-premise and digital business tools tightly integrated and working together seamlessly.

AI-powered solutions for enhanced customer engagement in APAC

Unlock the potential of your team with AI solutions tailored for the APAC region. Empower your employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences with greater efficiency. Solutions designed to understand and adapt to the unique languages and accents of your customers. Experience the most accurate AI solutions for APAC and transform the way you engage with your customers.

Make every conversation a seamless experience with an AI-powered contact centre

Empower your agents to provide better and more efficient experiences with an AI-powered contact centre solution, tailored for APAC languages and accents.

Connect to each and every customer the way they want, by streamlining your communication channels and enhancing customer experiences with Toku Contact Centre.

Our cloud-based platform combines the convenience of omnichannel and the most accurate AI solutions for APAC with the power of Toku’s enterprise-grade APAC network connectivity in one solution.

Contact Centre
Empower agents with AI
Increase agent productivity by leveraging accurate AI solutions and consolidating all communication channels into one platform.
Leverage data
Track all customer interactions and access critical contact centre insights to enhance efficiency and personalise the customer experience.
Enhance efficiency by leveraging accurate AI CX solutions tailored for APAC.

Next-level personalised customer experiences customised for your platform

Whether it’s your product, app, or web browser, you can embed communication channels to nurture and engage customers, and do much more with contextual data.

Own every interaction on your platform

Keep customers' interactions safe within your app

Keep customers' interactions safe within your app

Boost trust by improving user confidentiality

Boost trust by improving user confidentiality

Access valuable data and insights to build better CX

Access valuable data and insights to build better CX

In-App Voice Calling

Make it easy to connect with you or third parties via voice calls, and create a secure user experience within your app. Gather valuable data you can turn into powerful business insights.

Add In-App Voice Calling Today

Number Masking

Give your customers and users a secure and easy way to make or receive calls without revealing their personal info, whilst keeping transactions within your platform.

Learn More About Number Masking

Programmable Voice

Discover new voice capabilities including Call Forwarding, IVR, Alerts & Notifications.

Integrate Voice Within Your Platform

Programmable Messaging

Add advanced messaging features and capabilities to your platform for transformative customer interactions.

Explore More About Programmable Messaging

User Verification

It’s easy with multi-channel authentication options including voice calls, messages, and silent verification.

Discover New Ways to Verify Your Customers

Discover new ways to connect


Take your business communications to the next level

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Toku for Microsoft Teams

Effortlessly enable global calling from anywhere, on any device, with a single telephony integration for Microsoft Teams.

Whether it’s advanced corporate telephony or simple integrations that you need, we have flexible options for you.

Toku for Zoom Phone

Toku for Zoom Phone

Get all the Zoom Phone features and functionality you love, backed by the power of Toku’s enterprise-grade connectivity.

See what our customers have to say

Top brands all over the world trust Toku to help them build more seamless CX at scale.

Toku’s solution helped us to scale down on our manpower requirements, which was very helpful for us.

Celine Que
Head of Service Excellence, Singapore
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Celine Que

Thanks to Toku’s deep knowledge of our business needs, they have helped create bespoke solutions for a complex foodpanda ecosystem across 11 markets and different business lines. Many more exciting solutions are in the works for our partners and customers, and we look forward to implementing them with Toku’s technical support

Hossein Entekhabi
Senior Director, Central Operations (APAC) at foodpanda
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For most cases, Toku has successfully kept the undelivered SMS rate to between 5-6%. This is a good number compared to other delivery rates I’ve seen in my experience. I think it’s because Toku has a better presence in Southeast Asia. That means they have better reach, and higher deliverability. And we are seeing that across our campaigns.

Ajith Kumar
CRM Lead, SEA at Lenskart
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Recognised as a leading cloud communications provider in APAC and beyond

Join forces with Toku to reimagine CX today!
Join forces with Toku to reimagine CX today!

Join forces with Toku to reimagine CX today!