Toku makes your communications smarter

Cloud communications for customer engagement – easy API, number and messaging platforms for your business

Accessible on Web and iOS/Android

Business communications platform

Interfaces for business teams and developer teams via multiple channels across endless devices.




Manage your business communications with Toku Connect

Voice calls from
all your devices

Our cloud-based business phone
system supports voice calls from
all your devices
Simplified access
with Toku APIs

Our software APIs make it
possible to add communication
feature to your applications

Toku's API library that enables cloud business communications

As a CPaaS provider, Toku offers cloud infrastructure that enables businesses on their digital transformation journey

"At Toku, we
power customer engagement
with smart business
communication solutions.
– Thomas Laboulle, CEO & Founder of Toku
Toku Business
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Discover the story behind Toku and how we build business intelligence and answer your communication needs.

Why Toku

Cloud based technology

Mobile centric

Easy to implement

Global 24/7 support

Scalable framework

Value added services

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