Protect users & improve privacy

Keep the phone numbers of your customers and users private. Improve the privacy of your calls and messages, avoid off-platform transactions and seamlessly facilitate communication.

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Communicate seamlessly without compromising privacy

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Improve security

Create an added layer of security for your team, users, and business and ensure you stay compliant in markets that require it.
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Increase trust

Utilise secure communications, so customers know their data is protected, and their information is safe on your platform.
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Create a local presence

Adapt to your markets and present local numbers to your customers for increased answer rates without the physical infrastructure.

How does number masking work?

Step 1_ Call or Message visual

Step 1: Call or Message

A customer makes a call or sends a message to your business from their private number to speak to a driver, book a place to stay, or to purchase an item.

Step 4_ End Call

Step 2: Connect

Toku connects the customer with the driver, and they are both assigned a virtual number. Neither sees the other’s phone number; they see only the local virtual number.

Step 3_ Conversation visual

Step 3: Conversation

The customer and the driver can now communicate anonymously without either user seeing the other’s personal number.

Step 4_ End Call visual

Step 4: End Call

The transaction ends, and the agent or customer cannot be reached using the same virtual number.

Learn how ride-hailing giant Gojek uses Toku’s APIs to superpower their App

Gojek, the ride-hailing transport service, transformed the way they handle lost and found co-operation between drivers and customers by adding calling, messaging, and number masking capabilities to their app.

Deeper engagements begin with secure communications

Deeper engagements begin with secure communications