AI-powered Customer Experiences

Empower your agents and managers to drive seamless, personalised and efficient interactions across all touchpoints to improve customer experience (CX) with AI solutions tailored to APAC.

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Unleash CX Potential Across APAC with AI

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Empower your agents

Provide your agents with deep insights to understand and anticipate your customer needs. Help them to offer personalised, informed and empathetic support.
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Custom-tuned for APAC languages

Enhance accuracy for regional languages and accents, and adapt models to your business needs. Transform customer interactions into engaging, meaningful experiences.

Elevating productivity

Leverage AI within your contact centre to allow your agents and managers to summarise, analyse and focus on what truly matters – building stronger, more meaningful relationships with your customers.

Where Accuracy Meets Local Accents

Unmatched accuracy in delivering solutions that genuinely speak and understand your customer’s language.

Singlish Comparison Benchmark*


*Based on 10,000 recordings. The sample population is equally represented in terms of genders and the top ethnicities: Malay, Indian, and Chinese.

Empowering your team with AI-powered solutions  

Unlock the power of automation to harness the local nuances of the APAC region, boosting productivity, operational efficiency, and elevating customer experiences. 

Voice Generator

Revolutionise your customer interactions with Toku Voice Generator, the advanced text-to-speech technology that transcends traditional IVR limits. Clone and set your preferred voice across your contact centre effortlessly, transforming your IVR without studio recordings. Embrace a future where every customer connection is engaging, personal, and seamlessly efficient.

Forget the constraints of coordinating with voice talents. Our technology ensures your voice services are always available, adaptable, and perfectly aligned with your company’s evolving needs. Enhance your scalability and cost-efficiency effortlessly.

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Elevate customer satisfaction by auto-transcribing conversations across languages and accents into your CRM and enabling easy tagging for sentiment analysis.

Simplify training for new agents, guarantee support quality and enable quick comprehension of call conversations without the need to listen to full recordings, streamlining your team’s efficiency.

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Effortlessly capture every interaction detail, enabling your team to focus more on the conversation instead of note-taking. Streamline call wrap-ups to significantly improve efficiency.

Boost your team’s productivity by 8%* with Toku’s accurate summarisation solution, designed to increase the average number of calls your agents can handle efficiently and effectively.

*Based on a typical scenario where an agent spends an average of 90 seconds on a wrap-up, they can reduce that time by 30 seconds with Toku AI, assuming an agent handles an average of 60 calls per day.

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Conversation Analytics

Talk to your data like never before. Empower your supervisors and managers to engage directly with data in unprecedented ways. With Toku’s AI-powered Conversation Analytics, ask questions in natural language and receive comprehensive reports instantly, streamlining your decision-making process.

Eliminate the need for complex SQL queries and lengthy coordination with Business Intelligence teams. Your quality assurance and compliance teams can now swiftly identify and review key customer interactions, focussing on what truly matters.

Harness advanced text classification and clustering to act on the most impactful insights. Plus, leverage these insights to create self-service options for less critical issues, enhancing efficiency.

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Ready to transform your team and contact centre with AI solutions tailored for APAC?
Ready to transform your team and contact centre with AI solutions tailored for APAC?

Ready to transform your team and contact centre with AI solutions tailored for APAC?