Redefine Your Customer Engagement Strategy

With ever-changing consumer behaviours, the value proposition of businesses has always been in constant evolution. Recent months have however drastically altered the way we think about service and support.

Instead of enduring it, use this period of change to strengthen customer loyalty and grow your customer base.

Take this as an opportunity to redefine your customer engagement strategy.

It is likely that this pandemic will impact our daily lives for the foreseeable future. As people adjust to new routines, businesses that can demonstrate empathy to their customers by proactively adapting to these changes will thrive.

So, how can you mitigate the impact of these changes and not only retain but grow your customer base?

Strengthen Trust and Confidence

Under normal circumstances, ensuring excellent service in every customer interaction can be challenging enough. With a reduction in face-to-face interactions, many businesses have to reinvent the way they engage with customers and are accelerating their digital transformation.

Digital-led customer experiences are without a doubt the way to go, making digital customer engagement a priority for brands.

Here are just a few ways to help you refocus your customer engagement strategy to online channels, and build your customers’ trust and confidence:

  • Stay connected with customers by making your business globally available

  • Be generous with perks; add new offers to your loyalty programmes

  • Personalise the way you communicate with them


Take this time to build on foundations of loyalty – trust and confidence to forge a stronger relationship with your customers.

Humanise Customer Service For The Win

Accenture reports that customers prefer live interactions versus merely getting a canned response to their urgent and complex inquiries.

Businesses that are more responsive, with a “human touch” approach to meeting customer’s needs will thus significantly improve their customer satisfaction.

Cloud communication tools help businesses swiftly transition to digital-led customer service. For example, using a cloud-based phone system can help your business be available for customers, no matter where you or your employees are – even if we are all working from home.

Your customers need you now more than ever. At Toku, we provide solutions for your business to build resilience.

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Opportunities To Grow

Improving customer satisfaction can also directly contribute to your business development.

Don’t hesitate to ask your existing clients for referrals and introductions as they certainly know companies that could benefit from your products and services.

Building consumer goodwill is a long term investment that will automatically generate new revenue opportunities. The bottom line is to stay optimistic and to identify new ways to support your customers!

Toku provides business solutions to help you accelerate your digital transformation journey. We are a leading CPaaS provider in APAC that aims to provide cloud communication solutions to build human connections even in today’s digitally remote world.

Speak to our experts today and gain insights on how you can better adapt to the changing economy.

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