July 5, 2022
4 mins read

Toku Launches a Contact Centre Platform to Deliver Better Omnichannel Customer Experiences for Businesses Operating in APAC

July 5, 2022
4 mins read
V K Sanjeed V K Sanjeed
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Enriched with Communication APIs capabilities, Toku Contact Centre enables businesses in APAC to build better customer experiences by creating an omnichannel customer journey adapted to suit their business needs.

SINGAPORE – 5 July 2022 – Toku, Asia Pacific’s dedicated cloud communications company, today announced the launch of its contact centre platform. The platform provides a robust and scalable omnichannel cloud-based solution that helps businesses operating in Asia Pacific (APAC) digitalise, automate, and scale their contact centre operations so that they can build better and seamless customer experiences.

In today’s digital-first environment, customers have a new set of expectations when interacting with brands online.

In a new survey among 1,000 Singapore consumers, findings have shown that:

  • 82% of Singapore consumers do not want to engage with more than two touchpoints for any given enquiry or communication, and
  • More than 65% of Singapore consumers expect companies to keep track of their details and all previous interactions to facilitate communications

This means that companies are challenged to get a deeper understanding of customer journey touchpoints to drive better customer satisfaction levels, boost customer loyalty, and provide a better customer experience.

Toku Contact Centre’s features

Toku Contact Centre is comprised of a cloud-based communication platform with Communication APIs enhancements that give agents the flexibility to deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. On top of that, they have access to customer insights and can operate securely from anywhere, so they can support customers efficiently and effectively. In terms of connectivity, Toku’s clients also have access to PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) replacement in 17 APAC countries, and access to virtual numbers in more than 120 locations worldwide.

With a team of technology experts based in Toku’s offices across APAC, Toku has the in-house innovation, experience, technology capabilities, and local market knowledge, to help companies based in the region to navigate the highly fragmented market.

As such, Toku Contact Centre is ideal for companies that have or are looking to expand operations in multiple APAC markets, without worrying about voice quality, latency, or scalability.

foodpanda selects Toku as a partner to deploy cloud-based contact centres in APAC

In an era where hybrid work is fast becoming a reality, Toku is securing the future of cloud-based contact centre solutions for fast-growing companies.

Thomas Laboulle, Founder and CEO of Toku said, “The demand for bespoke contact centre solutions is expected to grow dramatically across APAC, as fast-growing companies in the region look for ways to enhance their customers’ journeys and deliver better online experiences. With this in mind, we have designed our platform to accommodate the needs of enterprise businesses like foodpanda that require flexibility and scalability to help them achieve their business objectives. As their cloud communications partner, we strive to make it easier for our clients to focus on what’s most important to them – creating engaged and happy customers to sustain business growth.”

“Thanks to Toku’s deep knowledge of our business needs, they have helped create bespoke solutions for a complex foodpanda ecosystem across 11 markets and different business lines. Many more exciting solutions are in the works for our partners and customers, and we look forward to implementing them with Toku’s technical support” said Hossein Entekhabi, Senior Director, Central Operations (APAC) at foodpanda.

Greater flexibility for an enhanced contact centre digital-first workstyle

Toku works closely with its clients to tailor its solutions based on their processes and requirements, while ensuring that they are scalable and flexible, to cater to the fast-growing business needs of companies based in the APAC region. Toku Contact Centre’s features include:

  • Reliability across APAC markets, with global scalability: Clients can engage with their customers from anywhere without worrying about quality and latency.
  • Comprehensive suite of Omnichannel integration: Toku Contact Centre has been designed to deliver better customer engagement via voice and messaging. It can be easily integrated with management tools and business applications, including ticketing systems, customer relationship management (CRM), Workforce Management (WFM), reporting and data tools, to provide a holistic view of the contact centre.
  • Enhanced with Communication APIs: Toku’s communication APIs have been designed to work alongside the contact centre platform, so businesses have the option to bring in-app communications to any digital environment or application. Plus, all of their call and messaging data is synced with the contact centre so they get an improved experience and detailed info on every interaction.
  • See how calls are going with analytics and AI: Real-time and advanced reporting is available to analyse agent productivity and call performance. And with sentiment analysis, businesses get a concurrent approximation on the effectiveness of their agents’ call and the mood of their customers.
  • The ideal tool for agent productivity: Toku takes agent satisfaction seriously, with the ability to call, record, create notes, transfer calls to supervisors, create post-call surveys, and access individual performance reports all in one browser-based solution.

Toku is looking to continuously enhance its contact centre platform with new AI-powered features like speech transcription and voice recognition among others.

About Toku

Toku helps enterprises build better customer experiences that drive more customer engagement at scale.

Headquartered in Singapore, Toku is Asia Pacific’s only dedicated cloud communications provider helping businesses overcome the complexity of digital transformation in the region, enhance their customer experience and cater to the growing demand for hybrid work.

Toku has combined local expertise, in-country infrastructure and bespoke UCaaS, CPaaS and CCaaS solutions into one compelling package – empowering the region’s biggest enterprises to streamline their communications. Since its inception in 2018, Toku has worked with organisations as diverse as Gojek, JCDecaux and foodpanda.

With Toku, moving to the cloud has never been easier. Learn more at toku.co and LinkedIn.

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