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CEO & Founder - Thomas Laboulle

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Chief Operating Officer - Christophe Riccardi

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Head of Enterprise - Jonathan Mondon

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Toku Intends to Acquire AiChat

Toku Products

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Toku 2023 Research Data

44 percent confident chatbots help resolve enquiries accurately
46 percent of consumers comfortable speaking to AI virtual agent on phone
53 percent frustrated if no access to human support easily
55 percent will not accept more than 2 touchpoints issue resolution
63 percent believe AI or chatbots unable to provide more accurate info than human support
69 percent of 25-34 year olds purchase via self-service centre
69 percent switch competitors upon negative service experience
85 percent aware of generative AI in market
2023 Amount of time people are willing to wait for phone agent
2023 consumer openness towards chatbot support over human support
2023 consumers likelihood of clicking link in SMS
2023 Differences in Consumer preferences in app communication for resolving issues by age
2023 likelihood of different consumer age groups reaching out for customer support using an app
2023 Likelihood of purchase via self-service centre
2023 Likelihood of reaching out to an agent over the phone
2023 likelihood of using app to reach out for customer support
2023 observations on AI or chatbots during usage
2023 preferred messaging platforms for receiving information
2023 what Singapore consumers find important in phone support
Average number of negative customer service experiences before switch
Consumer behaviour when contacting a company without local number
Over half of consumers frustrated if company lacks local number
Preference for voice support for resolving issues by age groups
2023 consumer impressions of SSIR
66 percent expect human support to be available 24-7

Toku Acquires Activeo Singapore

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Toku acquires Activeo synergy 3x

Toku 2022 Research Data

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Check out the latest developments at Toku

Check out the latest developments at Toku