August 29, 2023
6 mins read

Cracking the Code of Global SMS: The Critical Role of a Trusted Partner

August 29, 2023
6 mins read
Benson Chan Benson Chan
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It might be surprising to some, but in our hyper-connected world, SMS reigns supreme as a preferred communication method.

One of the important findings in our 2022 Consumer Engagement Report was that 57% of Singapore consumers prefer to receive reminders via SMS.

Reports also estimate that SMS messages have a 98% open rate. Email, on the other hand, comes in at a distant 20% open rate.

These figures are a testament to the unparalleled reach and efficiency of SMS.

But while these statistics underscore the power of text messaging, navigating the global SMS landscape is not without its challenges.

How does a short, 160-character message traverse thousands of miles, multiple networks, and adhere to countless regional regulations?

In this blog post, delve deeper with us as we:

  • Dive into the myriad challenges and complexities of the simple SMS, and
  • Explore the many benefits of partnering with a trusted global SMS provider with enterprise-grade connectivity

The multi-layered complexity of the simple SMS

For most of us, sending an SMS to friends and family is as simple as typing a few words and hitting send.

It feels instantaneous, almost like magic. But when businesses attempt to scale this to a global level as they enter new markets, the process rapidly spirals into a maze of complexities.

1. Hopping networks

Imagine if your SMS were a traveller.

Sending a text within your local region might resemble a short walk to the nearby store. But sending that same text to another country is like orchestrating an intricate international flight with layovers and connections.

In the SMS world, these “layovers” are referred to as ‘hops’ between different telecom networks.

With each hop, the risk of delays or lost messages increases, much like the chances of missing a flight or losing luggage during transits. A delay in SMS delivery might not seem significant, but when you’re sending critical information or time-sensitive offers, and doing this in bulk, every second counts.

2. Navigating regional telco regulations

Every country has its own rules when it comes to telecommunications.

Some regions might have strict limitations on message length, while others may prohibit certain types of content altogether.

It’s like needing a specific visa or permit for every new country you visit.

The challenge is ensuring that your message complies with each region’s unique set of rules, lest it gets blocked or flagged, when all the while the sender probably does not even know of the block.

3. Addressing data privacy and security

Data privacy has taken centre stage in recent years, with many countries in APAC implementing strict laws to protect user data.

SMS by its very nature is actually not secure because it can be decoded by any operator in the “hop” path. For SMS to be secure the path would need to be as short as possible and use trusted partners utilising similar organisation privacy security methods OR you’ll need to be part of the end-to-end sender/reader interface that will encrypt and decrypt the SMS.

Think of it as ensuring your personal belongings are well-packed and protected throughout a journey, especially when travelling between different countries. You wouldn’t hand over your suitcase to just anyone, right? It’s vital to trust a partner that not only ensures your suitcase gets to its destination, but also guarantees no one’s peeking inside.

In the world of SMS, it’s the same principle.

By working with a trusted partner, you’re ensuring that your messages travel safely, directly to the intended recipient, without prying eyes intercepting them. Ensure your messages are as safe as your most precious cargo: work with someone who ensures end-to-end, snoop-free delivery.

4. Balancing cost and quality

In the world of global SMS, cheaper isn’t always better.

Relying on least-cost routing might save pennies but can compromise the reliability and speed of delivery.

It’s like choosing between a direct flight and a cheaper ticket with multiple layovers.

The latter might be more affordable, but you may introduce new risks of flight delays and other unpredictable inconveniences.

The intricate dance of technology, regulations, and partnerships can seem overwhelming. This is where a trusted partner, like Toku, becomes indispensable, ensuring that your message not only reaches its destination but does so efficiently, securely, and compliantly.

Cut through the complexity: Partner with an enterprise-grade global SMS provider

Before you throw in the towel on global SMS-based communications, thinking it’s too complicated for your enterprise to tackle solo, relax.

Realise that the complexities can be drastically reduced — and your delivery rates substantially increased — by simply partnering with a top-tier global SMS provider with enterprise-grade connectivity.

This is in fact what Lenskart did when they partnered with Toku.

By deploying Toku Campaign Manager, backed by our direct, enterprise-grade connectivity to APAC mobile network operators and beyond, we helped Lenskart to significantly boost their SMS delivery rates across APAC.

>> Dive deeper into their success story with Toku.

And how exactly does working with a trusted global SMS partner make all the difference?

Glad you asked!

Here’s a rundown of some of the key benefits:

1. Direct connectivity

Being a licensed SMS operator in Singapore, Toku has developed the technology, commercial breadth and reach to gain direct access to mobile network operators in 15 countries in APAC, in addition to several countries beyond the region, ensuring enterprise-grade messaging.

2. Comprehensive messaging features

Whether you’re looking for

our SMS services have got you covered. We also offer local transit in APAC countries and expertise in both verification and mass marketing.

3. Easy SMS campaign standardisation

Say goodbye to the hassle of individually tailoring SMS campaigns for each country.

By leveraging Toku Campaign Manager and our in-depth knowledge of telco regulations and nuances, it’s much easier to simplify, standardise, and optimise your SMS campaign rollouts across the entire APAC region.

4. Better compliance

Trust our robust network infrastructure geared towards strict adherence to data privacy laws and data processor control methods when managing subscriber information. With a range of security methods, Toku ensures that your communications remain safe, irrespective of their destination.

5. Regional on-site support

Should any unexpected issues arise, Toku’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) team is always on standby, with L2 engineers available to provide immediate assistance.

Global SMS complexity: Here to stay, but not unmanageable

A common misjudgment made by many enterprises is underestimating the nuanced complexities of global SMS.

It’s tempting to think of SMS as just a traditional and simplistic form of communication, and therefore, it’s as simple as deciding to enter a market, flicking a switch, and voila, your SMSs all get delivered magically.

As described above, the truth is far from this.

It’s possible to use technology to try and accelerate change, but without knowing the full global telco landscape behaviour, the interoperability of these global networks will continue to defy this expectation of simplicity.

Diving into the world of global SMS without a robust strategy or understanding can lead to unforeseen challenges and bottlenecks.

The solution?

Partner with a trusted global SMS provider – like Toku!

You don’t need to drown in the technicalities of SMS delivery, telco regulations and infrastructure.

What you truly need is a partner who does that for you, so that you can focus on what you do best in your business — a partner with an intimate grasp of your business’s unique requirements and one that can provide enterprise-grade connectivity.

As the landscape of global SMS, particularly in APAC, becomes more complex to navigate, ensuring you have the right partner by your side becomes more pivotal than ever.

Ready for superior SMS connectivity in APAC?

Partner with Toku for more reliable SMS delivery backed by rock-solid infrastructure.