toky 4 year anniversary

I’ve been a part of Toku for one year and four months. Before joining the company, I had been in the high-growth technology space for over 10 years. Having been in the travel technology space for some time, I wanted to expand my knowledge and get into other areas of technology. Presently, I am focused on identifying and deploying strategic relationships that are going to contribute to Toku’s growth.

Toku’s unique positioning in the highly fragmented APAC region

When I first heard about Toku in APAC, I was a little apprehensive. I was worried that the cloud communications industry would be a completely different ballgame, and out of reach for me.

However, upon listening to the CEO, Thomas, share how Toku was founded, its vision, mission, and core values, I instantly saw how strong Toku’s offering was. There was a perfect alignment with the massive opportunity in APAC, despite the region being challenging and highly fragmented. I was inspired to be part of Toku’s journey and thus decided to join Toku.

Learning the language of telcos

During my first week at Toku, I needed to understand what I had got myself into.

So, the first thing I did was buy myself a Telco for Dummies book. There are so many telco terminologies that were so foreign to me. Eventually though, I got the hang of it, which has helped me grow Toku’s partnerships recently.

Building partnerships with industry leaders

Toku’s Partnerships department was completely new when I started work, so I had the unique opportunity to lay the groundwork from scratch. Over the course of my journey with Toku, I’m proud to share that we’ve secured several partnerships with companies such as Zoom. With Zoom, Toku is enabling companies in APAC to continue using Zoom Phone while leveraging Toku as the underlying provider for the connectivity in over 15 markets.

I want Toku to be…

The most top-of-mind cloud communications provider in APAC when someone thinks about building customer experience with better engagement. I look forward to the many exciting new strategic partnerships we have in the pipeline that will support this big dream.

Hey! It’s Toku’s 4-year anniversary and we’re celebrating our wins. Click here to read about one of our biggest milestones.

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