Voice API


Programmable Voice

Toku provides the ability to structure call flows without any on-premise telephony infrastructure, solely via APIs

Business communications via Programmable voice API

Fast, efficient calls made possible with Toku’s VoIP infrastructure

Accessible everywhere

Easily extend corporate presence to any location around the world

No hidden cost

Being cloud based, enterprises only pay for what is used

Easy to implement

Seamlessly integrate with existing corporate tools such as Salesforce

Features for every business

Global connectivity

Our extensive routing system supports connectivity across multiple channels, such as in-app, via IP, mobile and landline.

Call forwarding

Easily forward incoming calls to any other number and define exceptions as needed.

Call handling via IVR

Integrate our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features to match each call with the right recipient at any given time.


Use the callback feature for customers in markets without an access number and to reduce call abandonment rates.

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