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Toku Programmable SMS

Enhance customer engagement with messaging capabilities

Enable transactions, security alerts, promotions and operational notifications on your app with our SMS API.

OTP message for Waitrr via Programmable SMS API

Create fast verification codes with our SMS API

Programmable messaging

Improve customer engagement by reaching a range of different customer profiles

High usage

Southeast Asia has two countries with the highest texting rates in the world
(Philippines and Indonesia)


SMS is the best way to reach your audience because it's universal, direct and affordable, with 90% of people reading their texts within 3 minutes

Unleash the power of Messaging API with these features

Robust customer engagement

Drive marketing and engagement initiatives to your customer base with scheduled and automated messaging.

Customer detail confirmation

Use our SMS gateway API to retrieve customer numbers and confirm details, so you can optimise your marketing campaigns.

Text to speech conversion

Automatically convert undelivered text messages to speech and deliver the content through voice channels.

Multi-message type support

Easily send transactional, contextual or operational messages to customers.

Use Cases

IoT specialist UnaBiz and mobile food ordering app Waitrr are both using Toku SMS APIs to improve customer engagement


Triggered SMS notifications

From location tracking to aircraft parts production, UnaBiz is a world leader in the manufacture of IoT products. The company uses programmable SMS to automatically send notifications each time a sensor or smart button is activated, facilitating real-time connections between customer and device.

Waitrr Logo Transparant

Messaging based authentication

This food ordering and payment solution relies 100% on mobile technology to simplify the food ordering process. All new Waitrr customers can securely and easily register a new account using their device of choice because of Toku's two-factor authentication API.