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Welcome to your definitive guide to navigating the complexities of customer experience (CX)! Here, we delve into the dynamic world of customer expectations and technological advancements with experts who’ve been at the forefront of CX innovation. Our guests share not just their insights and strategies, but also the real-world experiences that shaped them into industry leaders. Join us as we explore what it really takes to excel in customer experience.

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Introducing CX Unlocked


Join hosts Jonathan and Rosaline as they explore everything CX with expert guests in each episode.

Unlock innovative strategies, redefine standards, and transform your customer interactions.

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Episode 1: Building A Truly Frictionless Experience with Bill Price


In this episode, Jonathan discusses what makes customer interactions truly frictionless with Bill Price, a world-renowned CX expert and co-author of ‘The Frictionless Organization.’

Dive into the heart of customer service innovation and discover how leading companies worldwide are revolutionising their approach to customer experience.

Tune in to transform your business strategy and embrace the frictionless phenomenon!

Episode 2: Empathy: The Key to Unlocking the Gold Standard in CX with Sidney Yuen


CX veteran and expert, Sidney Yuen, discusses the transformative power of empathy in customer interactions, sharing examples and insights on how it enhances business outcomes. He stresses the importance of an organisation-wide commitment to customer experience and challenges the norm of using traditional KPIs to measure success, advocating for a more holistic, empathetic approach that resonates on a personal level. This episode is a deep dive into embedding empathy into the core of customer service strategies, ensuring sustainable business success and meaningful customer relationships.

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