As a cloud communications provider that empowers businesses to build seamless customer experiences, building our own cloud contact centre was always something in the pipeline.

As a rapidly growing section of the ‘as a service’ technology model, it was
something we knew enterprise businesses were looking for. However, in the past
couple of years, the market and our customers’ needs changed so swiftly that we
had to react fast to capture the opportunity.

Today, I’m happy to announce the launch of the
Toku Contact Centre.

But how did we get here? And what did we do differently? 

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Remote, office, and hybrid 

2020 changed a lot of things. But in the business world, it changed the way we work
and communicate forever. In APAC, before 2020, working from home in many places
was rare. Now, nearly
43% of people find themselves in a hybrid work

This has created a huge challenge for businesses that rely on an on-premise model, and a real push for communications providers to create and offer a
hybrid work-friendly alternative.

Meeting the demand 

Fast-growing enterprises are everywhere in APAC. Growing pains are common, and expansion into new markets is difficult. Since we opened for business, we’ve been helping our customers overcome these hurdles but with the increase in
remote working, they needed more help with the contact centre, the essential line of
communication between companies and their customers.

What our customers found was that rapid growth was putting huge pressure on their contact centre and customer experience,
something that companies are
investing in
rapidly to improve their bottom line. So, we had to make sure that demand was met when building our solution.

Making it bespoke 

Every business is different. Rate of growth, market coverage, peak business times;
the list of variables is never-ending. So, when it came to creating a Contact
Centre as a Service (
CCaaS), we wanted something that was flexible enough to accommodate all these variables, and scalable enough so that it fits their business as it grows or changes.

We decided on a bespoke approach that fit the needs of our enterprise customers. Working with foodpanda for instance meant launching a
contact centre solution in over 10 APAC countries and onboarding more than 10,000 agents in three months. No small feat, and one that only a bespoke approach could solve. 

We realised that regardless of the complexities involved in setting up a large enterprise contact centre, our bespoke approach and close partnership teamwork
with customers would deliver the best results.


Carrier-grade APAC connectivity 

is a tough nut to crack for a lot of businesses. Unlike Europe or the US, telco regulations are inconsistent, complex, and require plenty of legalese. Thankfully Toku has years of expertise navigating this complexity under its belt. Not only that but we managed to acquire two new operator licenses (Malaysia & Vietnam) to expand our network offering while developing a whole new product. This means that users of the contact centre have access to native connectivity in 16 APAC countries, with virtual numbers everywhere else.

Tailored for enterprise 

One thing we’ve been constantly striving to add to recently is the benefits our contact centre provides. Development work can be tough, and for bigger contact centre providers
, adapting to meet the capability needs of individual customers can be impossible.

For Toku however, we embraced the challenge, worked with our enterprise clients, and on top of standard features, made sure the platform had all the functionalities they needed to deliver an optimal 
customer experience.

Functionalities like:

Not only has this bespoke approach left us with happy clients and left them with even happier end-users, but it has given us a robust platform to start building the contact centre of the future.

What’s next? 

Well, the Toku team is going to keep pushing out new features, expand our network, and strengthen our security. We’ll be at the forefront of helping businesses
operating in APAC engage with their customers and make every conversation a seamless experience. 

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Toku Contact Centre?

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