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Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) is the trend where businesses seek to explore cloud communications while keeping the telephony capabilities that they’ve been using all this while – like their existing numbers and carriers. The underlying reason why more businesses find BYOC attractive today is because they often need to control some part of the communication stack.  

For instance, in
APAC, where telecoms connectivity is more fragmented and regulations are complex, it can be challenging for businesses to obtain special types of numbers and achieve better call quality consistently. BYOC helps plug this gap and lets businesses achieve hyperlocal presence. 

One way enterprises can choose the best carrier for their business is through their existing
contact centre platform. Thanks to Toku’s strategic BYOC collaboration with Freshworks, you can choose your carrier – like Toku! – from a list of carrier partners directly within the Freshdesk Contact Center platform.  


What can Toku BYOC offer Freshworks’ customers? 


For Freshworks’ Freshdesk Contact Centre and Freshdesk Omnichannel customers based in Asia, Toku’s BYOC gives them the best of both worlds. They’ll have access to Toku’s excellent coverage in the region while still enjoying all the telephony capabilities and contact center functionality they love in Freshworks. 


Better control and quality of calls 

There is a big difference in call quality between a network provider that is closer to the source (as Toku is), compared to one that aggregates traffic over a long distance. 

This is why when companies choose Toku’s numbers through BYOC with a contact center partner like Freshworks, they’ll immediately enjoy better call quality and reliability – which is a significant value-add to their customers and staff. 

What’s more, Toku BYOC allows enterprises to set up call routing through their
cloud communications provider which means they have more control over call routing and other features, to stay compliant with regulations in various countries in APAC.  

This also extends to better control when they move from a traditional PSTN to
SIP trunking network. Toku BYOC helps APAC enterprises make sure they are compliant with local data security and privacy rules. 


More convenience and better phone number coverage 

Toku BYOC allows enterprises to retain the same telephone numbers and extensions – a huge selling point for many businesses, because they don’t need to update all their marketing materials, letterheads, and contact pages. 

There’s also the all-too-common situation business find themselves in – their existing carrier doesn’t have the connectivity to provide local numbers in some APAC countries. With Toku BYOC, Freshworks customers can choose Toku as their connectivity provider. They’ll have better access to local numbers in multiple countries in APAC – perfect for large enterprises spread across multiple sites in the region. 

For these companies, the convenience of consolidating their telephony under one carrier while enjoying access to more local numbers are attractive selling points.


Can medium to large-sized enterprises benefit from BYOC? 


Absolutely! In fact, any business that wants to benefit from better operational efficiency, higher quality, and the convenience of a seamless unified communication integration will benefit from a BYOC approach.  


If you're a Freshworks customer and want to know how you can enjoy Toku's excellent connectivity,

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