Boost effective communications with telephony in Microsoft Teams

Home and remote-working has become the norm since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it looks like that change is here to stay in the form of ‘hybrid’ working. A hybrid strategy is a blend of office time and working from home. 


Hybrid strategies are popular with employees, as a recent PwC survey revealed that 55% of people prefer to work from home for at least three days per week. It is also popular with employers as it saves on resources and money.

The Rise of Microsoft Teams

Many businesses have implemented Microsoft Teams, as it is one of the best communication packages available to help colleagues collaborate effectively over a remote connection. In July 2021, Microsoft Teams hit 250 million monthly active users, which just goes to show how popular it has become.


In fact, Microsoft Teams is the number one collaboration hub for employees in a variety of organizations and businesses around the world. One reason for its growing popularity is that Microsoft has opened up Teams to third-party integrations. Being able to integrate communication channels such as social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and traditional methods, such as telephony through direct routing, is a major benefit for users.

Say Hi to Toku Phone App – the newest member to join our Toku for Microsoft Teams family!

Many businesses want to unify their communications through Microsoft Teams while keeping the same interface that employees are already using for internal communications.


With this in mind, we launched Toku for Microsoft Teams a year ago. This direct routing solution enables global calling for organisations within Microsoft Teams. However, we soon realised that it wasn’t a good fit for many organisations who just wanted a basic corporate telephony feature within MS Teams that did not require upgrading their Microsoft License.


So, we went back to the drawing board. We’re now happy to announce the launch of Toku Phone App –another direct routing approach to enable global calling within MS Teams. With Toku Phone App, you can move your corporate telephony to the cloud, and get all the calling features you need, whilst using your Microsoft 365 license. If you don’t need complex call routing features and want to save on the phone system Microsoft licenses that you don’t need, the Toku Phone App is a more affordable approach to unifying your business communications through Microsoft Teams.

Benefits of Toku Phone App

Toku Phone App also has some other major advantages over other telephony integrations for MS Teams:

  • Single interface – no need to juggle several different tools and interfaces
  • Removes the complexity of end-user telephony software
  • Enhances MS Teams with improved call quality, useful features, and affordable calling plans
  • Provides full PSTN replacement for 15 APAC countries and enables secure global calls between 120+ countries worldwide
  • Uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud for high-quality voice calling and guaranteed uptime
  • Opt for PBX or no PBX features to suit your needs and budget

Emphasise Your Human Touch with Easy-to-implement Enterprise Communications

Telephone voice calls are still the best way to communicate with your customers. Survey after survey shows that people still prefer to speak directly with a human rather than texting, web chats, or email. 


Telephone calls give a more personal touch and are much quicker and easier to use than other methods. So, if you are operating in APAC and want to integrate your corporate telephony within MS Teams, we can help you.


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