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Toku Engage

A cloud based campaign manager for SMS messaging channels

Send SMS online and get an overview of your messaging marketing with scheduling and monitoring capabilities from Toku Engage.

An SMS campaign management platform, Toku nGage, on a laptop screen

One-stop platform for all your text messaging needs


SMS campaign Management platform, Toku nGage, on a mobile phone

Features for every business

Get immediate results

Reach your customers on the mobile engagement channel with the highest response rates.
Create, manage and deliver SMS campaigns to multiple market segments across a wide variety of scenarios.

Drive monetisation

Encourage purchasing behaviour with event-driven texts, such as vouchers, coupons and discounts.
Use SMS to leverage on up- and cross-sell buying opportunities.
Recapture customers who missed sales appointments.

Build loyalty

Engage directly with customers 1-on-1 via personal & contextual messages.
Deliver texts that have meaning for the recipient, such as birthdays, membership anniversaries or repeated purchases.

Run efficient campaigns

Design scheduled and bulk SMS as part of your event-driven marketing campaign. Use the segmentation wizard to ensure that messages reach the right audience at the right time.

Centralise your SMS and campaign data

Toku Engage combines a unified contact management platform with a campaign manager.
The robust contact management capabilities can serve as a basic CRM for SMEs, while integrations with other databases remain possible via APIs. You can also import and export all data via CSV or Excel spreadsheets.

Enjoy greater connectivity and expand your text messaging options with upcoming integrations to Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams and Telegram for boosted customer engagement

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Making SMS part of a seamless and integrated customer experience.

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