January 30, 2023
3 mins read

How BLACAZ. Transformed its Digital Operations for a Seamless Customer Experience

January 30, 2023
3 mins read
V K Sanjeed V K Sanjeed
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The rise of insurtech companies is giving traditional companies a run for their money by empowering customers to make informed purchases seamlessly online.

As the first and only insurance partner in Asia that offers customisable insurance policies 100% online, BLACAZ. is all about simplifying their customers’ journey and helping them navigate through the complex industry.

BLACAZ. manages online insurances for corporations, mainly SMEs and startups, enabling them to customise policies, obtain instant quotes and purchase them in as fast as 7 minutes on one platform.

Needless to say, it’s important for them to provide a seamless user experience across all channels.

The journey to better customer experience

BLACAZ. started with the most traditional way of handling insurances – via telephone, WhatsApp, text messages, etc.

Because their systems were not centralised, data was spread across different platforms, making it difficult for sales or account managers to access relevant customer information quickly for follow up. In addition, data had to be manually entered into their CRM as their tools were not integrated.

Maxime Berger, Operations Leader & Co-founder of BLACAZ., knew that having centralised access to data and tools is critical to improving operational efficiency and customer experience. So, he set out to find a solution that would enable them to automate their processes as much as possible without compromising on the personal touch.

Enter HubSpot

As BLACAZ.’s CRM of choice, HubSpot could be integrated with various tools, enabling them to automate standard communications and mundane tasks with workflows, while drawing on customer data in the system to provide personalised communications.

Extensive workflows were built and tested to minimise errors before they were deployed. While this solved a major challenge for them, their sales and account managers were still handling and logging calls manually.

Considering how phone calls were the second most frequent form of customer interaction, this was no small issue. A lot of time was still wasted routing calls to the right person, logging in the data, not to mention that it was difficult to track their call performance for improvement.

Improving productivity with cloud telephony integrations

The obvious solution was to look for a telephony system that could easily integrate with HubSpot. That’s where Toku came in!

As a HubSpot solutions partner, Toku’s telephony system enabled the BLACAZ. team to manage their calls easily from one platform. With the integration, they were also able to trigger automated workflows based on customers’ contact numbers to route calls to the right agent and send internal sales notifications. This saved them a lot of manual work and time.

We can now measure data much more effectively and establish correlations between the number of sales call activities and revenue generation. 100% of our calls are done through Toku and logged on our CRM.
Maxime Berger, Operations Leader & Co-founder of BLACAZ.

To sweeten the deal, the integration also worked seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, which was already widely used in BLACAZ. By embedding our telephony in Microsoft Teams, employees could work with just one system for internal and external communications.

This simplified the onboarding process and increased efficiency by removing the need to move between multiple platforms.

Taking on the global stage

As BLACAZ. continues expanding through the region, providing the best customer experience remains a priority. In order to do so, they need to establish a local presence.

With Toku’s virtual numbers, they no longer have to navigate through local telco requirements to set up communication channels overseas. Customers can call these numbers and be routed to a central contact centre that can help manage enquiries.

The best part? They don’t have to liaise with multiple telco providers to manage their telecommunications needs. With the strongest telco coverage in APAC and virtual numbers in over 120 countries, Toku is able to help them set up local numbers and connect them to the same central team, starting with Hong Kong.

So keep an eye out for BLACAZ., world!

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Ready to meet your customers where they’re at?

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