Piing! Powers Up its Customer Service with Top-Notch Telephony from Toku Connect.

As an innovative, on-demand, app-based dry-cleaning and laundry service, Piing! aims to be customers’ trusted laundry partner for life. Offering convenience, quality and speed, in just one tap Piing! picks up and delivers clean and freshly-pressed clothes and other laundry anytime, no matter where you are in as little as 60 minutes.


In a world where time is a precious commodity now more than ever, companies like Piing! are meeting their customers’ growing need for services that help them to save time and money on life’s mundane tasks so they can focus on the things in their lives that really matter to them.


But Piing! had a hurdle to jump – to run such a fast and efficient service for its customers, wherever they were, and whenever they needed it, Piing! wanted to address the quality challenges it was facing with its telephony service provider. They needed an intuitive and high-quality telephony system that could be easily integrated and allow their customers to easily connect with its team no matter where they were working from– a revamp made possible all thanks to Toku Connect.


Keeping up with customers’ changing needs

To continue to meet its customers’ changing needs, Piing! needed to boost the experience its customers were having with its telephony-based service. They were looking for an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective centralised, cloud-based platform. A product that could manage calls, messaging, and video chat across all devices and handle advanced functions like complex call-routing, so customers easily connect with the right support agent when it matters most.

Piing powers up its customer service


Revolutionising Piing!’s customer experience

Toku’s tailored solutions were able to meet every part of the Piing! model quickly and efficiently to meet their customers’ needs. Toku Connect now delivers Piing! and its customers with the seamless communication needed for flawless ongoing engagement and team collaboration round the clock.


“Thanks to Toku’s intuitive integration and straightforward set-up, Piing! and its customers are already reaping the rewards. ” said Raajesh Shirinivas , COO and Co-founder . “We are benefiting from complex call-routing to easily connect with the right support agent-even when working from home. We can also provide more efficient customer communication and avoid high costs from the on-premises business phone system.”


Protecting customer’s privacy is top of mind for Piing! That’s why masking the customer’s number to its delivery staff was a key for them. Today, Toku’s products allow them to deliver on their privacy promise to their customers.


“We have gained a strong cloud communications foundation to facilitate a level of customer support that really can keep up with our growing demand.” Shirinivas said.


Cloud Comms is indeed the future

“Toku represents a new face of cloud-hosted business communications solutions. It’s easy to see how it’s already proving a significant boost for companies like ours who have to fully digitalise to move with the times to meet changing customer behaviour. ” said Aditya Tripuraneni, Co-founder and CEO.


But Piing! isn’t stopping there…


After all, Piing!’s raison d’etre is all about its customers – providing them with a simple, fuss-free laundry experience that fits round their schedules – so naturally it’s crucial that its customer communication is reliable and user-friendly and continues to evolve with changing consumer behaviour.


It’s why moving forward, Piing! are also looking at adopting Toku’s other features in its range, such as Programmable SMS API to enable One-Time Passwords (OTP) Verification for user registration and transaction confirmation.


It’s just another one of the many ways Piing! is integrating Toku into its infrastructure in order to enhance customer experience. And by already enjoying greater connectivity; taking control of their company-wide communications; improving remote collaboration; boosting mobile productivity and seamless all-round i ntegration – the sky’s the limit.


Why not find out how Toku can help you start your digital transformation today? Discover Toku Connect.

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