Life at Toku

Achieving New Highs with Open and Inclusive Teams

I’ve been a part of Toku since 2018 when I joined as the first NOC (Network Operation Centre) Engineer here. Before joining, I worked in the telco industry – not on the cloud side, but the physical one where we … Read More

Boldly seize opportunities for explosive growth 

I am a Senior Network Engineer at Toku, and I have been with the company since it was founded 4 years ago. I got into this industry for a simple reason. Something amazed me about how we live in an era where … Read More

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone To Reach New Heights in the Cloud

I’ve been a part of Toku for one year and four months. Before joining the company, I had been in the high-growth technology space for over 10 years. Having been in the travel technology space for some time, I wanted … Read More

Resilience and Radical Ownership Are The Secret Ingredients to 4 Years of Success 

I’ve been a part of Toku right from the company’s humble beginnings 4 years ago. I’ve seen the business grow from a lean team of seven (we literally sat at just four tables back then), to what it is today … Read More