Customer Experience

Creating Seamless Customer Experiences: What Singapore Consumers Really Expect in an Interaction

As we enter a post-pandemic environment, customers perceive more proactive service standards and personalised interactions as a given. To support this demand, organisations must evolve their communication channels. However, there is a significant gap in our understanding of what exactly … Read More

How Your Enterprise Can Help Fight Call Fraud with Toku

If you are an enterprise that wants to improve customer experience by eliminating call fraud, here’s what you need to know.  Because different countries use different telecommunications technologies, it’s near impossible to have a consistent, cross-border solution that handles fraud. … Read More

Toku Contact Centre: Turning Every Conversation Into a Seamless Experience

As a cloud communications provider that empowers businesses to build seamless customer experiences, building our own cloud contact centre was always something in the pipeline. As a rapidly growing section of the ‘as a service’ technology model, it was something … Read More

How Toku Helps Fight Fraudulent Calls in APAC 

Telecommunication fraud – also known as “scam calls” or fraudulent calls – has become a huge problem for everyone. Consumers are getting numerous unwanted calls more frequently. In Singapore, victims in the country lost at least S$633.3 million to scams … Read More

87% of Singapore Consumers Have Received Scam Calls – How Are They Handling Them?

Scams via phone calls or SMS continue to rise in Singapore with overall scam cases in the country spiking to over 23,000 cases in 2021. Despite some efforts from brands, there is still some work to do here. To get … Read More

Turn Your CRM Into a Contact Centre with the Toku for Salesforce Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) and contact centre platforms are two commonly used systems in every business today. Salesforce is one of the most popular CRMs that helps business owners easily track all communications and nurture relationships with their leads and clients. It … Read More

How to Minimise Customer Effort and Maximise Customer Experience

Many businesses aim to exceed expectations with little delights – like warm chocolate chip cookies waiting for you in the hotel room. However, research from Gartner shows that exceeding expectations, or delighting customers, has little impact on customer loyalty and actually … Read More

How Real-time Call Centre Monitoring and Reporting Improves Performance 

Would you use a baby monitor that only alerted you that something was wrong one day later?  Exactly.  The same idea applies to modern high-performance call centres where knowing what happens in real-time and being able to act on the … Read More

6 Must-Have Contact Centre Capabilities that Make Your Agents’ Lives Easier While Increasing Their Productivity 

You ordered a pizza two hours ago, and it’s nowhere in sight. So, you try calling customer service and what happens?   You are greeted by the sadly familiar (and annoyingly polite), ‘Thank you for your call! All our agents are … Read More

How Lenskart Improved their SMS Campaign Operational Efficiency with Toku

Lenskart is a rapidly growing Indian omnichannel direct-to-consumer eyewear retailer with its eyes set on expanding operations worldwide. Presently, the company is using its headquarters in Singapore to expand into Southeast Asia, and gearing up to scale in the Middle … Read More