Communication APIs

Why In-App Calling is In – Seven Must-Have Benefits Your Business Will Love

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Four Industries That Can Win Big With SMS APIs

In the world of Communications platform as a service (CPaaS), vendors offer organisations a cloud-based middleman platform that allows easy embedding of communications channels – like voice calls, messaging, and video – into business platforms and processes programmatically.  While enterprises … Read More

How IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Can Improve Customer Experience for Your Business

A poor customer experience can often make or break a business. These days, it’s not uncommon for customers to simply do a quick about-turn when faced with a bad experience. A PWC report revealed that 32% of customers would do … Read More

Raising the Bar – How Financial Services Can Elevate the Customer Experience with Superior Communications

Financial services are transforming rapidly across the world thanks to the digital revolution. In APAC today, as many as 62% of customers said they prefer to begin a new banking relationship digitally. Unsurprisingly, the same study also found the appeal … Read More

What is Programmable SMS and Why Businesses Should Care

Programmable SMS solutions allow developers to embed SMS functionality into their applications and business operations, in order to programmatically send and receive a high volume of text messages.   The goal is simple: to leverage SMS and build a more engaging customer experience by … Read More

7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience with Communication APIs

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How Gojek Applied Toku’s Communications APIs To Boost Customer Experience

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How To Boost Customer Experience with Communication APIs

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Changing the Delivery Landscape

The rise of the Courier, Express and Parcel (CEP) industry has made a significant impact on the shipping industry as a whole, effectively transforming a relatively predictable brick-and-mortar B2B-based … Read More

SMS for Healthcare: Transforming the Patient Experience

Reducing No-show Rates in Healthcare using SMS I recently came across some articles on the issue of “no-shows” or “Failure to Attend” (FTA) incidents in the healthcare industry. Part of my remit is thinking about different use cases for contextual … Read More