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How To Build an Omnichannel Customer Experience Your Buyers Actually Want

Building an omnichannel strategy to engage with customers is now the norm for businesses. However, too many companies think an omnichannel experience is all about throwing in every available communication channel in the multiverse at their customers, and then calling … Read More

7 questions to ask your CCaaS provider

Searching for a CCaaS provider but not sure what to look out for? Here are 7 questions you can ask them! Discover how Toku Connect can help you take your contact centre to new heights, get in touch with one … Read More

It’s good to talk – Why Voice Still Outperforms Other Communication Channels

It’s easy to think that telephone communication has had its day. But not when it comes to customer support.  In fact, it’s a damaging misconception that leaves your customers outside in the cold if you decide to abandon telephone support. … Read More

12 Must-Have CCaaS Features that Deliver Awesome Customer Experience

The global contact centre solutions (CCaaS) provider market has grown substantially in recent years. This article will assist you in cutting through the noise and identifying the best choice for your unique business requirements. … Read More

Everything you need to know about Contact Centres as a Service

Customer Experience has become more important in improving brand perception and customer retention. With contact centres at the forefront of customer service, companies need to ensure that they can operate seamlessly no matter where they are. Here’s where CCaaS comes in! … Read More

7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience with Communication APIs

Learn how Gojek enhanced and scaled their customer experience in Singapore with Toku’s Communication APIs. … Read More

How BLACAZ. Transformed its Digital Operations for a Seamless Customer Experience

As a 100% online insurance intermediary, it’s critical for BLACAZ. to ensure a seamless user experience. Here’s how they utilised Toku and HubSpot to transform their communications to improve their efficiency.
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How Are Governments Approaching Digital Transformation During A Pandemic?

Governments are adapting quickly to the pandemic by digitalising their systems to improve citizen communication and inter-agency cooperation. However, there is still a long way to go. Here are some ways to smoothen the process, backed by real examples from governments around the world. … Read More

3 Reasons Why CPaaS Is Great For Your Business

CPaaS is a powerful way to unify your communications, offer improved customer service experiences, cut costs, and scale your business. … Read More

7 Reasons Why Your Hybrid Workspace Needs Cloud

The speed of your employees is directly proportional to that of your IT system. Move to a smart, faster & cost-effective cloud computing system now. … Read More