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Introducing Bring Your Own Carrier for Freshworks Customers

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) is the trend where businesses seek to explore cloud communications while keeping the telephony capabilities that they’ve been using all this while – like their existing numbers and carriers. The underlying reason why more businesses … Read More

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone To Reach New Heights in the Cloud

I’ve been a part of Toku for one year and four months. Before joining the company, I had been in the high-growth technology space for over 10 years. Having been in the travel technology space for some time, I wanted … Read More

Toku x InsureMo: The Intersection of CPaaS and Insurtech

What do you get when traditional insurance collides with the world of disruptive digitization technology? Yup – you guessed it – Insurtech! Just like how Fintech has taken the world banking and finance by storm in recent years, Insurtech is … Read More